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Nintendo DS Lite

Nintendo DS Lite

Giá: 179 USD; thế hệ mới 2 màn hình sáng, rực rỡ; không gây hại cho mắt trẻ em giúp giải trí sảng khoái và trau dồi tiếng anh cho trẻ...
Giá mới: 179 (USD)

Giới thiệu


* Size/weight (folded, open)
  • Length: 84.7 mm side: 148.7 mm
  • Thickness: 28.9 mm
  • Weight: Approximately 275 g
    (the built-in charge pond, the touch pen it includes)
* Display
By the fact that 2 liquid crystal are adopted for the top and bottom be able to experience the game simultaneously from two points of view, furthermore in the lower picture it touched directly with the touch pen and the finger by the fact that the touch panel which can be input is adopted, it actualized the first "intuitively know game play experience" in history.

Upper Screen

- 3 inches (opposite angle) semi- transmitted reflected type TFT color liquid crystal
- Back light attachment
- 256 × 192 pixel resolutions, 0.24 mm dot pitches
- 260000 color depth

Lower Screen
- 3 inches (opposite angle) semi- transmitted reflected type TFT color liquid crystal
- Back light attachment
- 256 × 192 pixel resolutions, 0.24 mm dot pitches
- 260000 color depth
- Resistance membrane system transparent analog touch panel attachment

Thông số kỹ thuật

* Main function part
- 8-way direction pad button, A/B/X/Y button, L/R button and START/SELECT button
- The touchscreen (the touch pen, the touch strap it is attached)
- The built-in microphone (with the software speech recognition possibility)
Perhaps it will reaches a point where in the future you can operate the gamein just by talking to it - sound.

* Input/output terminal
- Nintendo DS card jack
- Game boy advance cartridge slot
- Stereo headphone/microphone connected terminal

* Wireless communication facility
- Compatible with 2 systems: Wi-Fi / IEEE802.11 protocol and the Nintendo Co. individual protocol
- Radio wave carry-over ditance of : 10m to 30m (depending upon peripheral environment)
- Multiplayer game sharing possibility which with (if game software is so designed) can use many Nintendo DS with one DS card game.
If the built-in microphone is used, also the voice chat which is in the midst of playing which utilizes Internet is actualization possible.

The graphic engine which was developed for new is built in, the drawing ability to be superior is actualized.

* Sound
- Stereo speaker built-in (with the software possibility)

* Other functions
- Real time clock built-in (date time indication/alarm function)
- Touch screen calibration
- Picto Cha built-in
DS itself it was, it was built in to use "PictoChat", letter and the handwritten picture the wireless communication play which communicates is possible between maximum of 16 DS.

* Customization setting
- Starting mode change
- Use language: Japanese, English, German, French, Spanish and Italian
- At the time of game boy advance game indication, top and bottom picture change
- User information

* Power source and battery
- Built-in lithium ion charge pond
- Electric battery duration: In general 6 - It differs 10 hours (depending upon the software which is used)
- Full charge time: 4 hours
- The power saving function which is due to power source management such as sleep mode
- AC adapter attachment

* Corresponding software
- Nintendo DS riginal Game card
- Game Boy advance cartridge

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