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Scandyna Bass Station

Scandyna Bass Station

Bass Station Subwoofer cho hệ thống loa Scandyna; Drive Units: 250mm (10”) long throw; Power: 50 watts RMS active amplifier (4ohms); Cross-over 40 hz to 120 hz (variable); Ratio Signal to noise Ratio >90db...
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Bass Station

Low bass isn't just about thumping bass lines but is an integral part of the listening experience. Compact speakers became prevalent at a time when much popular music didn't delve into low frequencies.

The Bass Station is our top category subwoofer, and with the amazing 10” speaker powered by a 70W RMS Class D Active amplifier, it delivers deep and clear depth to your movies and music and compliments all our speakers to a complete listening experience.

As diverse forms of dance music with electronic bass lines have become more popular, along with the emergence of home theatre, people have sought amplification of that bottom octave without wanting to return to big speaker boxes. With the Bass Station your finally found it.

Thông số kỹ thuật


White, Black, Carnaby Blue, Red…


Vented abs enclusure convieved to compliment the micropod SE and/or the cinepod with its own stand alone design


To be operated in unison with the micropod and/or the minipod

Drive Units

250mm (10”) long throw


50 watts RMS active amplifier (4ohms)


40 hz to 120 hz (variable)


Signal to noise Ratio >90db


115v UL/CSA approved, 230v CE approved


Input level control, phase: 0dg or 180 dg (swithable), power (on, auto, off) switch.


Line (RCA) in, hi level (speaker) out.


10.2 kg (24.4 lbs) without spikes and packing


Width: 348 mm x Height: 529 mm x Depth: 348 mm

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Scandyna Bass Station Scandyna Bass Station
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